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Compare: Augæan, Herculæan.


Europæan (comparative more Europæan, superlative most Europæan)

  1. Obsolete spelling of European


Europæan (plural Europæans)

  1. Obsolete spelling of European
    • c. 1815, Dugald Carmichael, Colin Smith (editor), Biographical Notice of the late Captain Dugald Carmichael, F.L.S., volume 2, page 343; quoted in:
    • 1883, William Jackson Hooker (editor), Botanical miscellany [] [1], page 39:
      [] In this music there is little that is interesting to an Europæan, in the singing less, and in the dancing nothing at all. These women, with their dark complexion, dishevelled locks, and distorted attitudes, appear like so many witches in masquerade.
      Europæans are admitted to the Natches, as these fêtes are termed, without scruple; but officers in uniform are received with peculiar distinction, a visit from them being looked upon as a great favour. As soon as they enter, the master of ceremonies ushers them forward to the post of honour, next to Doorga, and after they have sate down sprinkles them over with âta of roses.
      [] If the Europæans could, by the force of example, lead the wealthy Hindoos to enlarge the scale of their personal expenditure, it would tend to give them a disrelish for the unmeaning festivals of Doorga Pooja, and pave the way in all probability for a more œconomical creed. []