Fonzie touch

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From Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli in the 1974-1984 TV series Happy Days.


Fonzie touch

  1. (informal) Hitting an electrical appliance to make it work. Any similar rough treatment that proves successful.
    • 2003,
      Often when something doesn't work for me, I just restart the computer and try again. Often this jars something loose, akin to the ole Fonzie touch.
    • 2005, Jesse M. Torres, Peter Sideris, Surviving PC Disasters, Mishaps, and Blunders, Page 53,
      We wish we had the Fonzie touch — give it a little kick and voila, it's working. Unfortunately, printers don't like to be kicked.
    • 2005, Rocket Jones (archive).
      I have to do that to get the door of my pickup truck open sometimes. - Rookie astronaut Donald Pettit after he used his Fonzie touch to open a hatch on the International Space Station
    • 2006,
      I had the driver’s side window motor replaced about three weeks ago on my ‘03 MC. Last weekend, the passenger side started acting up, but I guess I don’t have the “Fonzie” touch — beating on the door panel didn’t do anything but hurt my hand.
    • 2007, Sporting News Magazine
      Usually, when things in the dashboard don't work, I just bang on it, and they start working again. This happened often with the speedometer. The Fonzie touch would not work for the radio.