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Alternative forms[edit]


See foo. Used in this context by Jack Speer, originally for the fannish ghod of mimeography in the 1930s.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. (dated, fandom slang, humorous) A mock deity of early science fiction fandom; a fannish ghod.
    • 1951 November, Pickens, Pike, “Sez You”, in Quandry[1], number 15:
      Robert Bloch has blown his top. Backwards or forwards (or sideways) Foo ((ugh)) and Ghu ((!)) cannot be united! Does one eat chocolate cake with catsup on it? If you do and enjoy it then go off and be a fooghuist in your own little corner. You may as well worship Roscoe. Or Alpaugh. Foo fans are happy fans. Ghu isn't really helping Hoffman put out a fine mag you know. The fans who read Q are probably -- for the most part -- Foofooists.
    • 1955 January, Grennell, Dean, “Filler #523”, in Abstract[2], number 9:
      I imagine it must be pretty discouraging to send out a whole issue of a fanzine and get nothing back but a couple of poctsarcds.[sic] I wouldn't know, thank Foo.
    • 2004 September, Speer, Jack, “Last and First Fen”, in Noreascon 4 Souvenir Book[3], page 57:
      You’ll never guess what Wollheim’s men have found!¶ A forest full of perfect echo-flowers.¶ Honest to Foo! He says ”Salad!” to them,¶ And they obediently answer back, “Salad!”
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:Foo.


Coordinate terms[edit]