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Fox +‎ -ification


Foxification (uncountable)

  1. The process of mass media, particularly television news, adopting the format, practices, and perceived political leanings of Fox News.
    • 2004, Howard Dean, You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy in America, Simon & Schuster (2004), →ISBN, page 141:
      The real cost of media consolidation and Foxification in our time is not, as many of my supporters believe, censorship, although that sometimes happens (witness the removal of the popular band the Dixie Chicks from 250 Cumulus-owned radio stations after the lead singer criticized President Bush over Iraq).
    • 2012, William Nester, Haunted Victory: The American Crusade to Destroy Saddam and Impose Democracy on Iraq, Potomac Books (2012), →ISBN, page 62:
      The “Foxification” of America's mass media was evident in the war's coverage. Most print and electronic stories described operations instead of analyzing the war's broader international context and consequences.
    • 2012, Stephen Cushion, Television Journalism, SAGE Publications Ltd (2012), →ISBN, page 96:
      As opposed to striving for balance or objectivity, Foxification pushes journalism towards more comment, speculation and politicisation.