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Proper noun[edit]

Fox (plural Foxes)

  1. A surname, from common nouns derived from the name of the animal.
  2. A male given name
  3. (US, broadcasting, uncountable) Fox Broadcasting Company, a large television network from the USA.
    I watched a great show on Fox last night.

Derived terms[edit]



Fox (plural Foxes)

  1. (soccer) Someone connected with Leicester City Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.
    • 2011 January 18, Phil Dawkes, “Man City 4 - 2 Leicester”, in BBC[1]:
      The Foxes played with plenty of initiative in the original tie at the Walkers Stadium and they started this tie in impressively positive fashion, producing the game's first two chances: Andy King's goal-bound half-volley from Steve Howard's header down was tipped over by Joe Hart and Sol Bamba headed the resultant corner wide.
  2. (dated) A member of the Outagamie or Meskwaki, a Native American people.