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Alternative forms[edit]


Scottish surname thought to be from Norman, but not corresponding to any obvious places in France; perhaps a corrupted transcription of a Middle Irish name.[1] More at Fraser.


Proper noun[edit]

 Fraser River on Wikipedia

Fraser (countable and uncountable, plural Frasers)

  1. A Scottish surname from Old French thought to be of Norman origin.
  2. A male given name transferred from the surname.
  3. A placename
    1. A number of places in Canada
      1. A river in British Columbia that flows from the Rocky Mountains into the Strait of Georgia, named after Simon Fraser (explorer).
      2. A location on the Klondike Highway in north-west British Columbia.
      3. A neighbourhood in north-east Edmonton, Alberta.
    2. A number of places in the United States:
      1. A town in Grand County, Colorado.
      2. A former unincorporated community near Greer, Clearwater County, Idaho.
      3. A city in Macomb County, Michigan.
      4. A township in Bay County, Michigan.
      5. A township in Martin County, Minnesota.
      6. A hamlet in Delhi, Delaware County, New York.
      7. A hamlet in York, Livingston County, New York.
    3. A suburb of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

Derived terms[edit]

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