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From French +‎ -ly.



Frenchly (comparative more Frenchly, superlative most Frenchly)

  1. (obsolete) French. [16th-17th c.]
    • 1663, Edward Waterhouse, Fortescutus Illustratus, XLVIII:
      As their bodily exercise was Frenchly, so their wits activity was also.


Frenchly (comparative more Frenchly, superlative most Frenchly)

  1. In the manner of the French or their language. [from 16th c.]
    • 1912, John Mackinnon Robertson, The evolution of states:
      Van Kampen, who anticipated Motley in disparaging the Walloons as being Frenchly fickle...
    • 1916, Ethel Sidgwick, Hatchways:
      He thought it indecorous to have a young and pretty girl packing with him in his room. He was thinking so Frenchly, that it even seemed to him Bess should not have proposed it.
    • 1937, Marguerite Farlee Bayliss, Bolinvar:
      I realized how unlike his true self he had been; he was Frenchly warm today, and Frenchly open and reasonable.