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Alternative forms[edit]


From Elmer Fudd, a character in Warner Brothers' Bugs Bunny cartoons.


Fudd (plural Fudds)

  1. (derogatory) A gun-owner who supports traditional hunting guns but favors gun control for other guns such as handguns or tactical rifles.
    • 2007 May, David E. Petzal, “A Letter From Fuddville”, in Field & Stream, volume 112, number 1, page 8:
      Fudds like me supposedly look down on semiauto and military rifles.
    • 2015, Andrew Somerset, Arms: The Culture and Credo of the Gun, →ISBN:
      Zumbo, realizing that he had misjudged the popularity of the AR-15 among his readers, apologized. But by then nobody cared what he said. Zumbo had become a Fudd.
    • 2016 October 18, Frank Smyth, “The Dangerous Movement Behind Donald Trump”, in The Progressive:
      The late President Ronald Reagan was the NRA’s most famous Fudd for supporting gun control both during his tenure and after. Gun rights absolutists don’t entirely trust Trump, either. “Never trust a Fudd,” wrote “waltdewalt” on a gun politics page on Reddit, suggesting Trump is not as committed to the Second Amendment as he claims.
  2. (derogatory) A bumbling and ill-educated person.
    • 1981, Pintakasi - Volume 3, page 35:
      This was very hard on the bank account but happens to be the best way I know of to convince a “Fudd” that a fat cock cannot be put in shape to fight in two weeks!
    • 2013, Yarr Wauchabey, Need a Cab?!: The Wild Times and Misadventures of a Newbie Cab Driver, →ISBN:
      Speak of the devil, in pulled pudgy brown-haired Windston with cheeks bloated like a chipmunk's. Such a Fudd, just not quite as old, and probably wished he was hunting that pesky wabbit instead of driving cab.
    • 2017 July 25, Bonnie Greer, “Brexit is nuts, so is Trump, but Bugs Bunny is the perfect cipher for our times”, in The New European:
      He is trying to shut down the press, yet feels free to rail against individuals, businesses, entire nations, on his Twitter account. “I’m making a new Presidency!” he rails and the hapless Fudds who voted for him and still support him – less than 40% of registered voters (a record low) – scream in joy.
  3. (skiing) A type of fat ski that flares out at the ends.
    • 1993 September, S.M., “News From Fat City”, in Ski, volume 58, number 1, page 104:
      The surrealistic Fudds handle well on hard snow, even at high speeds, but still float nicely in deep snow and crud.
    • 1995 September, “Powder”, in Ski, volume 58, number 1, page 89:
      Compared to the other fats, the Fudd seemed most like a conventional ski in the powder.
    • 1996 November, “Best Value Skis”, in Snow Country, volume 9, number 7, page 89:
      The Fudd was favored for its flotation, while the Kahuna earned an “A+” for versatility.
  4. The E-1 Tracer, a type of airplane used by the U.S. Navy.
    • 1972, Approach - Volume 17, Issue 7:
      A Fudd that's seen inflight Is such an ugly sight. But one that's crunched in tight Becomes a scenic blight.
    • 1972, Black Sports - Volume 2, Issues 7-12, page 5:
      After boot camp training Mark went to a Naval Air base on the west coast. His assignment . . . Keep the "Fudds" flying.
    • 1980, Rosario Rausa, Gold wings, blue sea: a naval aviator's story, page 52:
      A voice from air operations ordered, "Pilots for the oh four-thirty launch, man your aircraft." Then, in deference to our friends who flew the E-1 Tracers, also known as the Willie Fudds, "and fill the Fudds!"