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Proper noun[edit]

Fusus m

  1. A taxonomic name, now invalid, used multiple times for molluscs with spindle-shaped shells, all in superfamilies Buccinoidea, Conoidea, and Muricoidea, all in order Neogastropoda.
    1. Fusus Hiebling, 1979, synonym of Cumia.
    2. Fusus Roeding, 1798, probably the same as Fusus Bruguiere, 1789.
    3. Fusus Bruguiere, 1789, synonym of Fusinus.






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Proper noun[edit]

Fūsus m (genitive Fūsī); second declension

  1. A male cognomen of the Medullinus and Pacilus families of the Furia gens — famously held by:
    1. [[w:Sextus Furius Medullinus (consul 488 BCE)|Sextus Furius Medullinus Fusus]], consul in 488 BCE
    2. Spurius Furius Medullinus Fusus, two men:
      1. [[w:Spurius Furius Medullinus Fusus (consul 481 BCE)|consul in 481 BCE]]
      2. consul in 464 BCE
    3. Lucius Furius Medullinus Fusus, consul in 474 BCE
    4. Publius Furius Medullinus Fusus, consul in 472 BCE
    5. Agrippa Furius Fusus, consul in 446 BCE
    6. Gaius Furius Pacilus Fusus, consul in 441 BCE, censor in 435 BCE, and tribunus militum consulari potestate in 426 BCE
    7. Lucius Furius Spurii filius Medullinus Fusus, tribunus militum consulari potestate in 432, 425, and 420 BCE
    8. Marcus Furius Fusus, tribunus militum consulari potestate in 403 BCE
    9. Agrippa Furius Sexti filius Fusus, tribunus militum consulari potestate in 391 BCE


Second declension.

Case Singular
Nominative Fūsus
Genitive Fūsī
Dative Fūsō
Accusative Fūsum
Ablative Fūsō
Vocative Fūse

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  • Fusus in William Smith, editor (1848) A Dictionary of Greek Biography and Mythology, London: John Murray