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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. (Internet slang) Get the fuck out; can be used to express disbelief or displeasure.
    GTFO of my house.
    "I just found a hundred bucks." "GTFO!"
  2. (Internet slang) Get the fuck off. See get off
    • 1995 November 19, "Follower of the Clawed Albino" (username), "Re: RFD: KILL rec.drugs.* expansion", in news.groups and alt.drugs.pot, Usenet:
      Also, the Supreme court[sic] has ruled that we don't have to restrict media to "only what is fit for children". Live with it or GTFO Usenet.
    • 2003 August 16, "mytoysdammit" (username), "Gads, buy a damned clue!", in, Usenet:
      He told the morons to GTFO my porch...[sic – meaning ellipsis in original]
    • 2009 February 7, "Blackmore" (username), "Re: car criminal", in, Usenet:
      GTFO our group you manc bastard!