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GWM (plural GWMs)

  1. (in personal ads) Initialism of gay white male.
    • 1992 November 23, Joseph E. Beason, “Re: gayfolk and cats”, in soc.motss[1] (Usenet):
      SO's affection for cats is important, but not nearly as important as not being allergic! It's really irritating to date a person who stops breathing whenever he's in your apartment. "GWM, 26, ISO G/BiM, must be kind to animals and have no allergies to pets..."
    • 1998, Herryass, “PissPlay”, in (Usenet):
      GWM, grn, brn, 41, looking for asian or hispanic that wants to piss all over or in me. Do you live in the San Jose, CA area. Email me. Looking for fun.