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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A town and municipality in Innlandet, Norway.

Norwegian Bokmål[edit]

 Gjøvik on Norwegian Wikipedia
 Gjøvik (tettsted) on Norwegian Wikipedia

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A town with bystatus and municipality of Oppland, Norway

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]

 Gjøvik on Norwegian Nynorsk Wikipedia
 Gjøvik kommune on Norwegian Nynorsk Wikipedia


From Old Norse Djúpvík, from djúpr (deep) +‎ vík (bay). Doublet of Djup(e)vika, Devika, and Dybevik.


Proper noun[edit]

Gjøvik f

  1. A town and municipality by the western shore of the lake Mjøsa, Oppland, Norway
    • 1983, Alf Prøysen (lyrics and music), “Æille har et syskenbån på Gjøvik”:
      Men æille har et syskenbån på Gjøvik, om tok de fysste skretta æillt i fjor.
      But everybody has a cousin in Gjøvik, which took their first steps last year.

Usage notes[edit]

Preposition: or i. There are discussions about what way is more correct.