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Anglicized from Welsh Gwladus, of uncertain origin, perhaps connected with gwlad ‎(country).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1882 Edna Lyall: Donovan:
      Gladys was the eldest daughter of the house, and when her parents had chosen her name - a name which they considered emblematic of happiness, in spite of certain questionings that had arisen among the name fanciers on the subject - it would seem that some unseen fairy godmother had really bestowed that best of all gifts on their child, for Gladys was the happiest, most contented, sunshiny little person imaginable.
    • 1922 F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Beautiful and Damned:
      Anthony continued the prophecy:
      "Of course Gladys and Eleanor, having graced the last generation of heroines and being at present in their social prime, will be passed on to the next generation of shopgirls -"