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Borrowed from Gujarati ગુજ્જૂ (gujjū).


Gujju (plural Gujjus)

  1. (informal, sometimes derogatory) One who speaks Gujarati; a Gujarati. (also used attributively)
    • 2002, Rafiq Zakaria, Communal Rage in Secular India:
      This time there was just silence. An extraordinary response from a community that prides itself on its ethnic identity. What on earth had happened to the Gujjus? The generous Gujjus? Where had fellow-feeling gone?
    • 2012, Ashok Ferrey, Love in the Tsunami, page 19:
      For their dussehra festival in the month before New Year, Gujjus all over India gathered at the crossroads of their villages: they formed concentric circles, men and women, presenting sticks to each other in a courtly and ceremonial dance.
    • 2016, Sonia Patel, Rani Patel in Full Effect:
      “Rani, rap for me,” she says. With her Gujju accent, it sounds like she said, “Rep for me.” I relax my face. And snicker.