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"Hell" spelled out, referring to the fact that capital "L" looks like a hockey stick.


HE-double-hockey-sticks pl (plural only)

  1. (idiomatic, euphemistic) Hell.
    • 2002, Eric G. Stephan and R. Wayne Pace, Powerful Leadership: How to Unleash the Potential in Others and Simplify Your Own Life:
      His voice rose about an octave, actually just short of a scream, and he said something to the effect that "it's an HE-double-hockey-sticks-week at work."
    • 2003, Susan Neville, Iconography: A Writer's Meditation:
      He's made the mother's life a living HE-double-hockey-sticks, my daughter says.
    • 2005, Mike Joens, Blood Reins: A Detective Sandra Cameron Mystery:
      She knew Kate didn't have a snowball's chance in HE-Double hockey-sticks, with Angelina's Zee-Zee and Bud's Mister Dobson winning everything.

Usage notes[edit]

  • May be spelled with varying levels of hyphen usage.
  • Other L-shaped objects (such as toothpicks) are sometimes used in place of hockey sticks.

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