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Hamilton +‎ -ism


Hamiltonism (uncountable)

  1. The economic policy attributed to Alexander Hamilton.
    • 1954, L. M. Hacker, “The Anticapitalist Bias of American Historians,” in Capitalism and the Historians, Friedrich A Hayek ed. [1]
      Politically, to these leveling historians, Hamiltonism was evil; and by the same token a moral and not an economic judgment is passed on his extraordinary achievements.
    • 2000, Thomas Fleming, Duel[2]:
      As days passed and Chief Justice Lewis said nothing about it, Kent and his convert to Hamiltonism, Judge Smith Thompson, grew uneasy.
    • 2004, Theodore Sky, To Provide for the General Welfare,[3]:
      Political reaction to the message varied. Purist Jeffersonians attacked it as a reversion to Hamiltonism and as moving in a direction of enhanced federal power.