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The English Wiktionary seeks to provide the English definition(s) of every word in every independent language. Like all Wikimedia Foundation wikis, it is a work in progress.

The name, alternative names, and code of every language that Wiktionary is set to include are listed in Wiktionary:List of languages. Names and codes are chosen according to the system explained in Wiktionary:Languages.

If a lect is not listed in the list of languages, it may be considered a dialect of another language and included under that language's header; if this is the case, the ‘merger’ of the lects will be recorded on Wiktionary:Language treatment.

Alternatively, it may just be that none of Wiktionary's volunteer editors have gotten around to the lect yet. If this is the case, make a post in the BP suggesting that it be included.

If you have questions, ask people at the Information desk.

Adding a lect[edit]

To add a language to Wiktionary:

  1. First determine the most common distinct English name it goes by, then assign it a code, according to the system explained in Wiktionary:Languages.
  2. After that, add an entry for it to the appropriate data module / subpage of Module:languages. (If you are not sure how to do this, ask an administrator for assistance.)
  3. If the language being added (as a full language) was previously considered a dialect of another language, update Wiktionary:Language treatment to note the split.
  4. Create categories and entries as needed, mirroring the format of other languages' entries and categories as much as appropriate.

De-recognizing a lect[edit]

If you think a lect which Wiktionary covers is not an independent language but only a dialect of another language which should be covered under the latter's headers and categories, or if you think a lect should be de-recognized for some other reason (e.g. because it is spurious):

  1. Make a post in a community forum such as WT:RFM or the BP.
  2. If the community agrees that the language should be de-recognized, update Wiktionary:Language treatment.
  3. Update/Eliminate as many uses of the language's name and code as you can find: look through the language's categories, update the entries in them and delete the categories themselves; search the site for instances of the language's name to find entries in translations tables; search a database dump if you know how.
  4. Remove the language from Module:languages, then watch Category:Pages with module errors to find and update any entries that still use the language's code.

Merging lects[edit]

Merging lects proceeds similarly to de-recognizing lects: find and update all instances of the former name(s) and code(s) that are to be updated.

If there is nowhere more appropriate to archive a discussion about adding, removing or merging lect(s), archive the discussions to Wiktionary talk:Language treatment/Discussions.