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Hungaro- +‎ -phile


Hungarophile (plural Hungarophiles)

  1. One who loves Hungary, the Hungarian people or Hungarian culture.
    • 2004, András Bán (author), Tim Wilkinson (translator), Hungarian-British Diplomacy 1938–1941: The Attempt to Maintain Relations, London; Portland, Oregon: Frank Cass, ISBN 0714656607, part I, chapter 3, page 36:
      Tyler was a Hungarophile in whom Teleki and Horthy had implicit trust, even to the extent of letting him in on certain confidential decisions and secret plans.


Hungarophile (comparative more Hungarophile, superlative most Hungarophile)

  1. Loving Hungary, the Hungarian people or Hungarian culture.
    • 2006, Miklós Lojkó, Meddling in Middle Europe: Britain and the 'Lands Between', 1919–1925, Budapest: Central European University Press, ISBN 9637326375, part I, chapter 1.2, page 24:
      The accession of a new administration in Paris, replacing Poincaré and Clemenceau in January 1920, under president Paul Deschanel and Prime Minister Alexandre Millerand who was also Foreign Minister, inaugurated a Hungarophile phase in French foreign policy.

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