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The insert key among other keys

Alternative forms[edit]


Insert (plural Inserts)

  1. A key that when pressed switches between the overtype mode and the insert mode of a computer.
    • 1983, Jonathan Sachs, Rick Meyer, The HHC User Guide, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, →ISBN, page 30:
      Now type the word "fleece" and then a space, and press INSERT once more to cancel LOCK INSERT.
    • 1990, Paula Sharick, The Essential Guide to VMS Utilities and Commands: VMS Version 5, Van Nostrand Reinhold, →ISBN:
      The removed text is temporarily stored in the system INSERT HERE buffer. To insert that text at a new location, position the cursor at the new location and press INSERT.
    • 1995, Daniel J. Fingerman, Lotus Word Pro 96 for Windows 95 Made Easy: The Basics and ...[1], Osborne McGraw-Hill, →ISBN:
      Press INSERT one time. You will notice the mode indicator change to the other mode. Press INSERT again, and the indicator will return to the original mode. If necessary, press INSERT again so "Insert" appears as the mode.
    • 1996, Doug Bierer, Inside NetWare 4.1[2], New Riders, →ISBN:
      To add another trustee to the list, press Insert. To delete a trustee from the list, select the trustee in question and press Delete. To modify the rights for an existing trustee press, select the trustee in question and press Enter.
    • 1997, Jeffrey F. Hughes, The Network Press QuickPath to NetWare 4.11 Networks, Network Press, →ISBN, page 425:
      Press Insert and select the print queue created in the previous section.
    • 2011, Arnold Reinhold, Switching to a Mac For Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN, page 148:
      Press Insert to hold down the mouse button for dragging and press Delete to stop dragging.
    • 2011, Jay Cross, Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance, John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN, page 91:
      Pressing the Insert key yields another branch. Give it a short label, say “Introduction.” Press Insert again and you get subbranches.
    • 2013, Eric Luhta, How to Cheat in Maya 2012: Tools and Techniques for ..., Taylor & Francis, →ISBN, page 125:
      Then press the insert key on the keyboard to go into pivot mode. (..) Press Insert again to return to the normal move tool.


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