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 Irāka on Latvian Wikipedia
Irāka (Āzijā)
Irākas karogs



Via some other European language, ultimately a Middle East term, possibly from Akkadian 𒌷𒀕 (/⁠Uruk⁠/), (Biblical Erech), from Sumerian 𒌷𒀕 (/⁠Unug⁠/), the name of a city-state region in the south of ancient Iraq. Medieval Arabic uses Iraq as a geographical term for the area in the south and center of the modern Iraq. Some Arabic sources say that Iraq comes from عَرِيق (ʕarīq, deep-rooted), from عِرْق (ʕirq, root), while others say it is from Middle Persian erāq (lowlands), due to historic rule from Iraq's plateau-situated neighbor, Persia.


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Proper noun


Irāka f (4th declension)

  1. Iraq (a country in Western Asia, in the Middle East)
    Irākas karogsthe flag of Iraq
    Irākas valdībathe government of Iraq
    Irākas karšthe Iraq war
    ASV un sabiedrotie uzbruka Irākai bez ANO sankcijasthe USA and its allies attacked Iraq without UN sanction