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From Ancient Greek Ἴσειον (Íseion), from Ἴσις (Ísis) + -ιον (-ion, -ium, -eum: forming nouns of associated places)


Iseion (plural Iseions)

  1. Alternative form of Iseum
    • 1854, William Bodham Donne, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography, s.v. "Hermonthis":
      In the Pharaonic times it was celebrated for the worship of Isis, Osiris, and their son Horus. Its ruins still attest the magnificience of its buildings but the Iseion... was built in the reign of the last Cleopatra...
    • 1936, Frank Cole Babbitt translating Plutarch's "Isis and Osiris", §2:
      The name of her shrine also clearly promises knowledge and comprehension of reality; for it is named Iseion, to indicate that we shall comprehend reality if in a reasonable and devout frame of mind we pass within the portals of her shrines.