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From Latin Iseum, from Ancient Greek Ἴσειον (Íseion), from Ἴσις (Ísis, Isis) + -ιον (-ion, -ium, -eum: forming nouns of associated places). Equivalent to Isis + -eum.


Iseum (plural Iseums or Isea)

  1. A temple dedicated to the worship of the Egyptian goddess Isis.
    • 1994, Sarolta A. Takacs, Isis and Sarapis in the Roman World, p. 101:
      ...a temple of Minerva was on the east side of the Iseum...
    • 2006, Lauren Hackworth Petersen, The Freedman in Roman Art and Art History, p. 52:
      Most Pompeians[,] as they went about their daily business and moved through their shaken city, would inevitably have passed the Iseum on their way to the Triangular Forum...
    • 2013, Liu Yulin, Temple Purity in 1-2 Corinthians, p. 94:
      An Iseum (temple of Isis) in the Roman period usually found its site outside of the "city border" (pomeria)... and nearby the abundant water-supply areas, unlike other Roman temples which were located at the Agora.