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From New Latin Islandia, from Old Norse Ísland.


  • (Brazil) IPA(key): /izˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒi.ɐ/ [izˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒɪ.ɐ], (faster pronunciation) /izˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒjɐ/
    • (Rio de Janeiro) IPA(key): /iʒˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒi.ɐ/ [iʒˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒɪ.ɐ], (faster pronunciation) /iʒˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒjɐ/
    • (Southern Brazil) IPA(key): /izˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒi.a/ [izˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒɪ.a], (faster pronunciation) /izˈlɐ̃.d͡ʒja/

  • Hyphenation: Is‧lân‧di‧a

Proper noun


Islândia f

  1. Iceland (an island and country in Europe in the North Atlantic; capital: Reiquiavique)

Usage notes


The official name of the country is Islândia. The use of República da Islândia has no official basis and its use is proscribed.

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