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Alternative forms[edit]


Jack Pudding (plural Jack Puddings)

  1. A buffoon character appearing in stage and street performances.
    • 1648, Clement Walker, Relations and Observations: Historical and Politick, Upon the Parliament Begun Anno Dom: 1640, pages 69-70
      And first, Sir Thomas Wroth (Jack Pudding to Prideaux the Post-master) had his cue to go high, and feel the pulse of the House.
    • 1680, "Trial of Lionel Anderson and Others for High Treason", in A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason (1816)
      [Lord Chief Justice:] It may be so, more know Jack Pudding, than Jack Pudding knows.
    • 1744 Henry Cary, A Learned Dissertation on Dumpling; its Dignity, Antiquity and Excellence. With a Word upon Pudding (6th Edition), pages 7-8
      so great was his Fame for Puddings, that he was called Jack Pudding all over the Kingdom, tho', in truth, his real name was John Brand, as appears by the Records of the Kitchen
    • a. 1839, William Dunlap, A History of the American Theatre from Its Origins to 1832, page 310
      Aha! said I, here is the Jack Pudding. I see he has forgot his broomstick and gridiron; he'll compensate for these wants, I suppose, by his wit and humour
    • 1843, Peregrine Mango, "A Trip to the Tropics", in The Yale Literary Magazine, page 289
      One of them, the Jack Pudding of the company, mounted upon a pair of stilts that were strapped to his legs, and dressed most fantastically,
    • 1843, William Makepeace Thackeray, The Irish Sketchbook, in The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray (1869), page 246
      Then he brought forward Jack Pudding, and had a dialogue with him ; the jocularity of which,' by heavens ! made the heart ache to hear.

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