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Jiasian Elementary School, Kaohsiung City

Alternative forms[edit]


From the Tongyong Pinyin romanization of the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation for 甲仙 (Jiǎsian).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A district of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
    • 2017, Maggie Hiufu Wong, “Why Kaohsiung should be on your travel list”, in CNN Travel[1]:
      Old New Restaurant serves the best taro sago sweet soup from the Jiasian District. The restaurant changes its menu daily using local specialties such as cuttlefish rice vermicelli, oyster soup and sashimi.
    • 2019, Staff writer, “CWB issues heavy rain warnings for southern Taiwan”, in Taipei Times[2]:
      Troops also assisted local government units in Liouguei (六龜), Jiasian (甲仙) and Shanlin (杉林) districts in Kaohsiung to evacuate residents from high-risk areas as a pre-emptive measure to ensure their safety, Wu said.
    • 2019, Chen Ting-fang, “Camphor Trees Recall Jiasian's Captivating History”, in Hou Ya-ting, transl., Love Kaohsiung 愛·高雄, number 4, page 4:
      As pointed out in a 2013 documentary about Jiasian in the wake of Typhoon Morakot, "Bridge over Troubled Water," if people join events and activities in Jiasian, the district will once again flourish. For this reason, Jiasian residents cordially welcome everyone to visit their hometown.
    • 2020, Che Ming Yang, Keng Hao Kang, Shun Hsing Yang, Kuo Wei Li, Hui Jung Wang, Yin Tsan Lee, Kuei Kun Lin, Yii Wen Pan, Jyh Jong Liao, “Large paleo-rockslide induced by buckling failure at Jiasian in Southern Taiwan”, in National Chiao Tung University[3]:
      This study investigated a paleo-rockslide site in detail and proposes a geological model to explain the failure mechanism. The studied area is in Jiasian, Southern Taiwan, and the site is a dip slope consisting of Miocene sedimentary rocks.