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Jobs +‎ -ian


Jobsian (comparative more Jobsian, superlative most Jobsian)

  1. Of or pertaining to Steve Jobs (1955-2011), American businessman and co-founder of the computer company Apple Inc.
    • 1992, Robert X Cringely, Accidental empires:
      The Apple II division was being ignored, the Lisa division was deliberately destroyed in a fit of Jobsian pique, and the Macintosh division was exhausted...
    • 2001, Alan Deutschman, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs:
      And a wedding walk was so unique, so unconventional, so unexpected that it was positively Jobsian.
    • 2001, Maximum PC magazine (November 2001)
      As you can see here, WinXP's Luna interface is clearly superior to anything the Jobsian crowd in Cupertino has to offer.

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