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Believed to be a Scots variant of Jack. Because of its specific association with Scotland, the British English slang term is believed by most sources to be derived from the frequency of the use of the given name in Scotland, rather than from the "common man" etymology.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A nickname.
    • 1975 Robertson Davies: World of Wonders →ISBN page 736:
      - - - If you want a Scotch name why don't you call him Jock?" Macgregor looked disgusted. "Because Jock is not a name, but a diminutive, as everybody knows well. It is the diminutive of John. And John is not a Scots name. The Scots form of that name is Ian. If you want to call him Ian Fetch, I shall say no more.


Jock (plural Jocks)

  1. (Britain, slang) A Scot.

Usage notes[edit]

Some speakers consider the term pejorative. Others consider it no more pejorative than, for example, the similar generic use of "Joe".

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