Joe Blake

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Australian rhyming slang.

Alternative forms[edit]


Joe Blake (plural Joe Blakes)

  1. (Australia, rhyming slang) A snake.
    • 1998, Bryce Courtenay, Jessica, unnumbered page,
      [] Snakes kill. Nobody fools around with Joe Blakes, girlie. Bloke who fools around with snakes is a flamin′ idiot.’
    • 2007, Archie Gerzee, WOW! Tales of a Larrikin Adventurer[1], page 68:
      There was Bill, holding the biggest flamin′ snake I have ever seen. [] And away he trundles, with his Joe Blake wrapped around himself.
    • 2007, Pip Wilson, Faces in the Street: Louisa and Henry Lawson and the Castlereagh Street Push[2], page 7:
      “I really don′t think ...” Jim laughs, “I really don′t think the Russian knew the Joe Blake was in there when he passed you the pannikin at Kelly′s Bore. And then, when you drank from it —”