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Jong +‎ -ian


Jongian (comparative more Jongian, superlative most Jongian)

  1. Of or pertaining to Erica Jong (born 1942), American author and teacher.
    • 1979, Enrique Hank Lopez, Eros and ethos
      Consequently, one can relax and be vastly entertained by the Jongian heroine's merry pursuit of the "zipless fuck,"...
    • 1990, Samuel John Hazo, The rest is prose
      It's not the fear of flying in the Jungian and not the Jongian sense, although that fear does make itself felt in the anticipatory phase of anyone's trip.
    • 2002, Charlotte Templin, Conversations with Erica Jong
      Among the classic Jongian aphorisms is the simple assertion: "Women are not gentlemen."