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Alternative forms[edit]


From Judaeo- +‎ -phobe.


Judaeophobe (plural Judaeophobes)

  1. One who fears or hates Jews.
    • 1881, Herrmann Adler, "Recent Phases of Judæophobia," The Nineteenth Century, Henry S. King & Co., vol. 10, December 1881, pg. 825:
      The most rabid Judaeophobe will readily admit that there is hardly one small town in Germany without its Jewish physician, and that there is no university which has not more than its due proportion of professorial chairs occupied by Hebrews.
    • 1905, Israel Friedlaender, "Dubnow's Theory of Jewish Nationalism," Past and Present: A Collection of Jewish Essays, Ark Pub. Co., 1919, pg. 372:
      It is the problem which touches the very root of our national existence, the problem—to put it in the words of an ancient Judaeophobe—of "a nation dispersed and divided," or—to express it in the words of a modern Judaeophile—the problem of "Israel among the Nations."
    • 2006, Jason Philip Rosenblatt, Renaissance England's Chief Rabbi: John Selden, Oxford University Press, →ISBN, pg. 174:
      Citing examples from the vicious Judaeophobe Matthew Paris and others, he suggests that readmission would constitute moral reparations for past suffering: