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From Kekulé +‎ -an.


Kekuléan (comparative more Kekuléan, superlative most Kekuléan)

  1. (chiefly chemistry) Pertaining to the system of structural formulae devised by Kekulé, especially the structure of benzene molecules.
    • 1992, Advances in the theory of benzenoid hydrocarbons II, Springer-Verlag, page 88:
      A Kekuléan benzenoid system possesses Kekulé structures (K > 0).
    • 1996, David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest [], Boston, Mass., New York, N.Y.: Little, Brown and Company, →ISBN, page 5:
      I stare carefully into the Kekuléan knot of the middle Dean's necktie.
    • 2011, HM Mulder, “Median Graphs. A Structure Theory”, in Advances in Interdisciplinary Applied Discrete Mathematics, page 119:
      Again the free bonds are grouped together to form a perfect matching. [] Such structures are known in the literature as Kekulean.