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From Awabakal gurri; from the region of what is today Newcastle, adopted by indigenous people of other areas.[1][2]

Alternative forms[edit]


Koori ‎(plural Kooris or Koories)

  1. (Australia, Aboriginal Australian, Victoria, New South Wales) An Australian aborigine, especially one from Victoria or southern New South Wales.
    • 1996, Sarah Nuttall, Text, Theory, Space: Post-Colonial Representations and Identity, page 175,
      C. S. of Stawell wrote to ‘point out some facts associated with Aboriginal myths of Dreamtime’. He denied a Koori presence (‘no Aboriginals ever entered the Grampians due to evil spirits’) and repeated a dominant pioneer folk myth that the rock-art was painted by ‘a French artist who had a great appreciation of Aboriginal art of central Australia’.
    • 1998, Untold Stories: Memories and Lives of Victorian Kooris, page xix,
      Stories from the Koori oral tradition show how differently the shared experience is perceived by indigenous and settler Australians.
    • 2009, Richard Everist, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula: The Spirit of Place, page 15,
      Reliable population figures do not exist, but it [is] likely there were never large numbers: perhaps 18000 to 20000 Kooris across Victoria, perhaps 700 Wathaurong.

Usage notes[edit]

Preferred by (some of) the people themselves over the terms aborigine and aboriginal, which are considered to be culturally loaded. Other terms are used in other regions.

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