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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A city in Xinjiang, China.
    • 1878, Demetrius Charles Boulger, The Life of Yakoob Beg; Athalik Ghazi and Badaulet; Ameer of Kashgar[1], London: Wm. H. Allen & Co., OCLC 473457852, page 244-245:
      Toksoun, a fortified place, some miles nearer Korla, on the main road, was occupied by 4,000 jigits and 2,000 sarbazes with five guns. Hacc Kuli Beg had command here. At Korla there were also about 1,500 men, who were brought up to the front shortly after Captain Kuropatkine's departure.
    • 1989, Che Muqi (车慕奇), The Silk Road, Past and Present (丝绸之路今昔)[2], Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, →ISBN, OCLC 717480364, page 198:
      The first stage of the project began at the Turpan station of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway and ended at the western station of Korla, extending over 476 kilometres.
    • 1994, Christa Paula, The Road to Miran[3], HarperCollins, →ISBN, OCLC 1221317920, pages 205-206:
      Korla, the capital of the Bayingolin Mongol Administrative Region, is a flat, grey sprawl of low buildings and a few ostentatious new hotels, nestled in the armpit of the Tian and Kuruktagh mountains. It is marked by industry. The natural gas fields have brought money since the 1950s and with it a massive influx of Han Chinese. No one nationality appears to be in the absolute majority, resulting in the undefined ugliness caused by lack of pride or urban planning. Korla is a place of transit. Everyone stops here. It is the terminus of the railway, and a nodal point for the roads from Urumgi, Kashgar, Ruogiang and the East.
    • 2019 April 17, Min Zhang; Aizhu Chen, “CNPC starts building $1.4 bln ethylene plant in northwest China -state media”, in Joseph Radford, editor, Reuters[4], archived from the original on 16 May 2022, Oil Report:
      The complex, located in Korla city in southern Xinjiang, will have key production units such as a 600,000 tonnes-per-year ethylene facility and a 300,000 tpy high-density polyethylene facility, the newspaper said.
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