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Kroeber +‎ -ian


Kroeberian (comparative more Kroeberian, superlative most Kroeberian)

  1. Of or pertaining to theories formulated by American anthropologist Alfred L. Kroeber.
    • 1985, Sadock, Jerry, The Noun Incorporation Debate (Abstact), CSLI Newsletter, Stanford University, Vol. 2, No. 19 (Online):
      "...there are languages, in particular Eskimo and Tiwa, in which noun-incorporation of the Kroeberian sort appears."
    • 1994, Leventhal et al. (Bean, Lowell J., editor), Back from Extinction, in The Ohlone: Past and Present Native Americans of the San Francisco Bay Region, Ballena Press Publication, page 300:
      "Kroeberian frames of reference..."
    • 1998, Escobar, Lorraine, Understanding the Composition of Costanoan Indians, San Jose State University (Online):
      "Additionally, some academic institutions still teach the Kroeberian theory of extinction..."