Lawn Guyland

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Exaggerated local dialect pronunciation of Long Island.

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Proper noun[edit]

Lawn Guyland

  1. (eye dialect) Eye dialect spelling of the local pronunciation of Long Island.
    • 1941, William James Blake, The Copperheads, page 95:
      Trudi still had a German accent, but Liesl and Fritz were perfect New Yorkers who said bold and toid, Noo Joysey, Lawn Guyland, and were adopting youse from the Irish.
    • 2000, T. C. Gardstein, Circuit, page 49:
      Dr. Roth, upon moving his family to Steppingstone Harbor two years earlier, had claimed that there would be hell to pay if Nancy and her little sister Courtney ever picked up the typical Lawn Guyland accent.
    • 2010, David Gordon, The Serialist: A Novel, page 327:
      I'm out in Lawn Guyland for the summer at my dad's place at the beach.
    • 2016, Andrew Klavan, The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ, page 11:
      Or, heaven help us, a Lawn Guyland accent—that squawking horror of a dialect that gave the Guyland its nickname!