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Named after Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, a fortune-teller during the Napoleonic era.


Lenormand (countable and uncountable, plural Lenormands)

  1. A type of fortune-telling cards named after Marie Anne Lenormand.
    There are three kinds of Lenormand cards: Petit Lenormand, Grand Jeu Lenormand and Petit Jeu Lenormand.
    • 1960, Otto C. Lightner & Pearl Ann Reeder, Hobbies - Volume 65, page 126:
      The large card is from a Lenormand fortune-telling deck (French, c. 1860) with mythological and astrological symbols.
    • 1996, Michael Dummett, Ronald Decker, & Thierry Depaulis, A Wicked Pack of Cards: Origins of the Occult Tarot, page 141:
      German, Austrian and even Belgian and Swiss cardmakers have made and still make these 'Petit Lenormands'.
    • 2013, Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin, Learning Lenormand: Traditional Fortune Telling for Modern Life, →ISBN:
      It is wonderful how literal and direct the Lenormand cards will be if you allow them to speak clearly and simply.
    • 2013, Patrick Dunn, Cartomancy with the Lenormand and the Tarot, →ISBN:
      Combining the simplicity of the traditional but little-known Lenormand deck with the familiarity of the tarot, Dunn creates a unique learning format blending these two powerful systems.


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Lenormand ?

  1. a surname