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Short for logical language.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Any of several related artificial languages, designed to be logical, the first of which was developed by James Cooke Brown in the mid-20th century.
  2. The original language developed by James Cooke Brown, as maintained by The Loglan Institute.
    • 1994 May, Stephen L. Rice, “Loglan 3 : Understanding Loglan”, in www.loglan.org[1], retrieved 2012-08-04:
      Loglan is an isolating language, much like English. That means that once you’ve learned a word, you don’t have to worry about changing its form. Even in English, you have to remember to add ‘-ed’ to a verb to make it refer to the past, and ‘-s’ to nouns to make them plural. In Loglan, you won’t have to do that. Also, some English verbs and nouns have irregular forms. There are no irregular Loglan forms.
    The Loglan formal grammar is made up of 91 CFG-type rules.


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