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MSN (a popular contemporary instant messaging client) + generation, on the pattern of MTV generation etc.


Proper noun[edit]

MSN generation

  1. (social commentary) The Noughties generation of web-savvy youngsters who conduct a significant proportion of their socialising via Internet media such as instant messaging clients and social networking sites.
    • 2007: “Steve Firth”, (Google group): Top Gear, the 27th day of February at 10:36pm
      > who he was showing off, there was nobody about, so I clicked a few buttons, a tiny camera on the laptop caught me in action… Eerie.
      It’s a fairly standard part of laptops aimed at the Web aware. The Apple laptops have a similar feature, it seems to be a must-have for the MSN generation.
    • 2008: “”, “alt.drugs.hard (Google group): Is this true?”, the 19th day of October at 2:34pm
      Dont think that language capabilities going to hell is a US matter only in the UK also in the NL kids age 13–14, called the MSN generation, write on a way whom requires a translator their age. For example i saw the words from a girl who wanted to write down ‘i have a gorgeous bf he is 16 and i love him and will see him next weekend’ the result was ‘iam has a gawjess bf hes 16 lof him wil cee him neks wiekent.'