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Alternative forms[edit]


From regional form of make + 'em.



Mackem (plural Mackems)

  1. (humorous or derogatory) A native or inhabitant of Sunderland, England.
    • 2011, Peter Cain, The Economist, letter, 18 Jun 2011:
      Your article on England's regional accents confirmed that Geordie has already completely replaced the mackem-speak of Sunderland and other variants in the north-east.

Usage notes[edit]

The first definition would apply to those born within the city boundaries of Sunderland, including Washington, Houghton-le-Spring and Hetton-le-Hole. Additionally a person born within the greater Wearside Area to include all those towns and cities on the banks of the River Wear and its tributaries from its source in Weardale to its mouth at Wearmouth and the towns of the East Durham Coast from Blackhall, north through Peterlee, Horden, Easington, Seaham and Murton.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. The dialect spoken in these areas.