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Mac (a Macintosh computer) +‎ -tard


Mactard (plural Mactards)

  1. (slang, pejorative) One who uses and uncritically advocates Macintosh computers.
    • 2002 May 17, geek_girl, "Re: My little Bromo rant",, Usenet,[1]
      Lyle is also a Mactard who should have learned his lesson from the last book.
    • 2003 July 20, Tonawanda Kardex, "Re: OT Recording industry on attack",, Usenet,[2]
      > Because any 'tard can manage to download stuff off of Kazaa.
      Except us Mactards.
    • 2005 June 14, Liam Slider, "Re: Linux Dev switching to OS X,Mac?", comp.sys.mac.advocacy, Usenet,[3]
      BTW, you Mactards keep claiming Mac is a Unix (which it isn't), so....when will you Unix guys settle on one "distro"?