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Maglica ‎(the company founder's surname) + light


Maglite ‎(plural Maglites)

  1. A kind of flashlight with a variable-focus beam.
    • 2006, Lindsay McKenna, Sisters of the Ark Trilogy (page 153)
      Had the guards seen the flash of their Maglites in the office? It didn't matter. What did matter was getting the hell out of here in one piece.
    • 2008, Paul Sussman, The Last Secret Of The Temple (page 622)
      They tested it with their feet, gingerly, making sure the wood wasn't rotten, then stepped onto it and shone their Maglites out into the void.
    • 2010, Greg Haas with Robert Loss, The Butcher's Thumb (page 150)
      They unloaded what luggage she'd not bothered to unpack at her apartment in Old Town, and, taking a Maglite from the cabin, treaded down the backside of the hill, Kris bundling the fresh set of clothes Matt had brought for her.