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Maglica (the company founder's surname) + light


Maglite (plural Maglites)

  1. A kind of flashlight with a variable-focus beam.
    • 2006, Lindsay McKenna, Sisters of the Ark Trilogy, page 153:
      Had the guards seen the flash of their Maglites in the office? It didn't matter. What did matter was getting the hell out of here in one piece.
    • 2008, Paul Sussman, The Last Secret Of The Temple, page 622:
      They tested it with their feet, gingerly, making sure the wood wasn't rotten, then stepped onto it and shone their Maglites out into the void.
    • 2010, Greg Haas with Robert Loss, The Butcher's Thumb, page 150:
      They unloaded what luggage she'd not bothered to unpack at her apartment in Old Town, and, taking a Maglite from the cabin, treaded down the backside of the hill, Kris bundling the fresh set of clothes Matt had brought for her.