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From Mc- +‎ job, jobs in McDonald's being considered to be this sort of job.


McJob ‎(plural McJobs)

  1. (slang, pejorative) A job paying low wages, requiring few skills and having little opportunity for promotion.
    • 1987 Mar 9, Steve Forbes, Major problem with the American economy: hypochondria, in Forbes 139, p33.
      Many politicos claim most new jobs are low-pay, dead-enders, “McJobs.”
    • 1989 Oct 19, Paul Grondahl, Managers get behind the grill, in Albany Times Union, pC1
      Shortly after the opening of the Latham McDonald’s, the first in the Capital District, Zdunek, then 16, hopped on his Cushman motor scooter, rode from his Halfmoon home and applied for his first Mcjob. The wage was $1.25 an hour.
    • 1991, Douglas Coupland, Generation X, p5
      The car was the color of butter and bore a bumper sticker saying WE’RE SPENDING OUR CHILDREN’S INHERITANCE, a message that I suppose irked Dag, who was bored and cranky after eight hours of working his McJob (“Low pay, low prestige, low benefits, low future”).


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