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Alternative forms[edit]


fast food (usually uncountable, plural fast foods)

  1. A type of meal that is often standardized, pre-prepared, and served quickly.
  2. A type of food that is quickly made, but of low nutritional value; junk food.
  3. Anything standardized, quickly available, and inexpensive, often, of low value.
    • 2002 March 29, “Going Offshore”, in TIME:
      The best evidence is that Sandals, the fast-food king of island weddings, now markets the term weddingmoons.
    • 2007, Margo Candela, Life over easy:
      Guys are good for two things: 1) help when you need to move something heavy, and 2) fast-food sex where you always know what's on the menu and, with a little work, you can supersize it
    • 2008 August 19, Carmen K. Sisson, “A Georgia church tries drive-in worship”, in Christian Science Monitor, page 25:
      Outside, the drive-in crowd is heading back into the Sturm und Drang of city traffic and a fast-food world



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Alternative forms[edit]


From English fast food.


fast food m or f (in variation) (plural fast foods)

  1. fast food (type of meal that is often pre-prepared and served quickly)