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Blend of Mexican +‎ Californication


Mexifornication (uncountable)

  1. (derogatory, slang, California) The transformation of California by infusion of Mexican culture, especially as a result of illegal immigration.
    • 2004 June 4, "Iconoclast", "Terminating California?", alt.politics.immigration, Usenet [1]
      What Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing is the de facto Mexifornication of California.
    • 2004 September 27, Alan K. Stebbens, "Mexifornication Of California", Alan's Radio Weblog, at [2]
      Since most of these illegal immigrants are Mexicans, it is a "Mexifornication" of California.
    • 2005 November 3, Jimmy Mac, "1 AM Bike Riders - Watchout [sic.] Neighbors", sonoma.general, Usenet [3]
      It was always a small group of latino's [sic.] on stolen bikes.... Just another example of the "cause and effect" of the Mexifornication of Sonoma County.
    • 2006 May 24, "Katie's Dad", "Why this is our last chance to save this nation from history's dustbin", Unabashedly Unhyphenated, at [4]
      The presence of such a malignant cultural factor in even the smallest significant numbers can only lessen us.... The Senate believes that its job is to impose this Mexifornication upon us all

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