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Blend of Microsoft +‎ Yahoo!

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (computing, humorous) The company that would be formed by the acquisition of Yahoo! by Microsoft (the potential result of a merger proposed in the mid-2000s).
    • 2008, Sunit Arora, Arindam Mukherjee, Knock Knock... MS Hoo (in Outlook, volume 48, number 7, 18 February 2008, page 53)
      If it manages to win over Yahoo, the combined entity (already dubbed Microhoo on the Net) would be another behemoth, not only controlling e-mail and instant messenger (over 90 per cent share), but also standing significantly taller in the fight against Google.
    • 2008, Newsweek (volume 151)
      Facing the Possibility of Microhoo!
    • 2008, "Lawrence D'Oliveiro", Microhoo prognostications (on newsgroup nz.comp)
      Yahoo's systems are based heavily on Open Source. If Microsoft keeps them that way, it will lose credibility with customers.
    • 2008, "Matt", [News] Ogg is Coming to Hundreds of Millions of PCs!! (on newsgroup comp.os.linux.advocacy)
      MS is desperate to find something new that others might play catchup to, with little success. Their approach has almost always been claim jumping ("A market without competition, isn't."). That is hardly working for them anymore (witness Zune, Microhoo).
    • 2011, unknown author, Went back to 3.5 (on newsgroup mozilla.feedback.firefox)
      You made a really, really bad move getting in bed with microhoo, and it will cost you in the end.