Milton Keynes

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From an earlier "Middleton Caynes" when the village was in the manor of the "de Cahaines" family.[1]

Proper noun[edit]

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Milton Keynes (abbreviated as MK)

  1. Originally a village in Buckinghamshire, now a purpose-built town in south-east England, containing the towns of Bletchley, Wolverton and Stony Stratford and many smaller villages.
    • 1975, Built environment quarterly:
      A Milton Keynes is up against a long-term cost disadvantage.
    • 1990, Nick Meers, Sue Seddon, "Enigmatic England":
      Now a Milton Keynes resident knows a concrete cow when he sees one but . . .
    • 1998, Ruth H. Finnegan, Tales of the city: a study of narrative and urban life:
      They are now displayed in a Milton Keynes park near the railway line.
    • 2005, Brian Edwards, The modern airport terminal: new approaches to airport architecture:
      Without official recognition Gatwick has become the Milton Keynes of the south side of London, and Stansted looks set to be the same for the north-east.
    • 2008, Dave Spencer, A smudge on my lens:
      Nearby was the tidier town of Tychy, a faceless Milton Keynes type of place without the roundabouts.



  1. ^ As seen in a legal record of the 15th century: National Archives; Plea Roll, court of Common Pleas; CP 40 / 0717, for 1440; third entry, first line.