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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek Μῑμάντος (Mīmántos), genitive case of Μίμᾱς (Mímās), from earlier Μίμανς (Mímans)


  • Mimantean or Mimantian: IPA(key): /mɪˈmænti.ən/
  • Mimantean also IPA(key): /mɪmənˈtiːən/


Mimantean (not comparable)

  1. (mythology) Of or relating to the giant Mimas in Greek mythology
    • 1908, Jane Ellen Harrison, “Orphic Mysteries”, in Prolegomena to the study of Greek religion, page 514:
      Draughts from the fount of Nile [...] or the steep Mimantian height, Snow-capped
  2. (astronomy) Of or relating to the Saturnian moon named for Mimas
    • 2008, Samantha Harvey (NASA/JPL), Solar System Exploration[1], page Saturn: Moons: Mimas:
      This is puzzling because Mimas is closer to Saturn than Enceladus, and the Mimantean orbit is much more eccentric (out of round) than the Enceladean orbit.
    • 2011, Paul M. Schenk, “Geology of Mimas?”, in 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference:
      a global thermal event early in Mimantian history erased all record of ancient impacts


Mimantean (plural Mimanteans)

  1. (fiction) An inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Mimas
    • 2010 February 19, Hulles, “Mimas!”, in sardonic postmodern humor[2]:
      I went back to the grind of reviewing that day's Cassini photographs. Imagine my shock when I noticed that Mimas, one of the inner moons of Saturn, had acquired a concave depression in it since the last fly-by! Of course, I immediately realized that the Mimanteans had constructed a fully armed and operational Death Star!

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