Miranda do Douro

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  • (Brazil) IPA(key): /miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ du ˈdo(w).ɾu/ [miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ du ˈdo(ʊ̯).ɾu]
    • (Southern Brazil) IPA(key): /miˈɾɐ̃.da do ˈdo(w).ɾo/ [miˈɾɐ̃.da do ˈdo(ʊ̯).ɾo]
  • (Portugal) IPA(key): /miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ du ˈdo(w).ɾu/ [miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ ðu ˈðo(w).ɾu]
    • (Northern Portugal) IPA(key): /miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ du ˈdow.ɾu/ [miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ ðu ˈðow.ɾu]
    • (Southern Portugal) IPA(key): /miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ du ˈdo.ɾu/ [miˈɾɐ̃.dɐ ðu ˈðo.ɾu]

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Proper noun[edit]

Miranda do Douro f

  1. A city and municipality of the district of Bragança, Portugal.

Derived terms[edit]