Molly house

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Molly house (plural Molly houses)

  1. Alternative form of molly house
    • 1987, Gary William Kinsman, The Regulation of Desire: sexuality in Canada, page 41:
      The common people, however, seem to have been more tolerant of the Molly houses in their midst.
    • 2008, Catherine Ross, John Clark, London: The Illustrated History, page 154:
      A Molly house might adjoin a tavern or private house, often with guarded rooms, and provided an environment in which gay men could meet for drinking and entertainment, and engage in sexual acts, behind closed doors.
    • 2011, J. Arnold, S. Brady, What is Masculinity?::
      In addition, these new cities were also sites for the growth of new sexual subcultures, as evinced by London 'Molly' houses.