Muscovy duck

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A Muscovy duck.


From Muscovy Company, a trading company + duck.


Muscovy duck (plural Muscovy ducks)

  1. A large duck (Cairina moschata) which is native to Mexico, Central and South America.
    • 2001 August 31, Cecil Adams, “The Straight Dope”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Other species not protected include "exotic and feral species such as mute swans, graylag geese, muscovy ducks, European starlings, house (English) sparrows, and rock doves (pigeons)."
    • 1847, Mayne Reid, Popular Adventure Tales[2]:
      Over the water swept the great harpy eagle--also a fisher like his white-headed cousin of the North; and now and then flocks of muscovy ducks made the air resound with their strong broad wings.



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